Thursday, 30 June 2011

Here Is An Introduction

Hello and hi.

I like books. Do you like books? Do you want to read books? Do you want to read about books? Do you want to read around books? Do you want to read books about books? Do you want to read books about reading around books? And most importantly, do you want to read a blog about reading books about reading around and about books?

If so, then you have stumbled blindly upon the right place.

My name is Roisin, (no not raisin; that is a dry fruit) which is pronounced Ro-sheen, not that it matters, because this is about books and blogs and other things I like. Why would you want to read about things I like, I hear you ask? Why should you care even slightly about my opinions, you cry?

Moving on, the general concept of this blog is that I will review books. There are thousands of other blogs which do the same; however I am only going to review books that you have probably heard of and thus are more likely to read than, say, "The Greek Tycoon's Virgin Wife" the like of which (although it clearly is a classic) will get no further mentions on here.

If anyone has any requests for books, I would just love it. Partly because I feel that this exercise is slightly futile if nobody reads it, and partly because approval from other people is all I want from life. Here is my reading list:

Oh, and this:

And if you stick with me, I promise that I will get less annoying and desperate sounding as time goes on. Only joking! We all know that "annoying and desperate sounding" are essentially the only criteria needed for a blog such as this one. I tick all the boxes!